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Copy of FrontPage 2012

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Topic Schedule and Weekly Activities
Tools and Resources
Weekly Schedule and Readings  Student Profile Directory Instructions for Creating a Personal Profile on this wiki
Discussion Forum General help on using this platform
Group Project Ideas
APA Formatting Overview 
Glossary of terms



Group Project Instructions

Blog Assignment Instructions


Blog postings directory



Sample answers to the Benkler question


What's New:

Nov. 29

Quiz 4 posted on Blackboard (DUE DEC. 7). This page allows you to post questions related to the quiz.

Nov. 27

Week Eleven and Twelve: Intellectual Property, Innovation and Development

Nov. 22

Blog postings directory

Nov. 21

Group Project Stage 4 guidelines and discussions


Nov. 20

Quiz 3 results posted


Nov. 15
Quiz 3 posted on Blackboard (due Nov. 20th at 5 pm)


Nov. 13
Week Ten Open Education, OER and Development

Nov. 8

Week Nine: various updates and upcoming quizzes


Nov. 6
Revised due dates for quizzes and blog


Nov. 5

Group Project Stage 3 and evaluation guidelines

Oct. 29
Week Seven posted

Week Eight materials posted


Oct. 21

Draft of second survey/quiz posted

Oct. 19
Notes on Week 6 posted

Oct. 15

Archive of web cast session on Oct. 12 now available

Hani Mosi responding to students' questions from Week4-5


Oct. 10th:

About the Live Web Cast session on Oct. 12th

Data matrix for group project


Oct. 9th:

Week 4 and 5 activities posted


Oct. 8th: 

Instructions for Writing a Blog


Oct. 5th:

Results of the first quiz


Oct. 4th:

Supplementary page and video for the Group Project

Oct. 1st: 

Overview of instructions for Group Project

Sign-up for group project by Oct 5th


Sept. 30

Information about the first quiz


Sept. 24

The materials and activities for Week Three. There are two separate pages published for this week. The first is the overview and key questions etc., and the other contains various videos and illustrative materials. Be sure to get to the bottom of the overview page and look at the online activities for this week.

As with the previous week, here is the link to a new collective note taking document:



Sept. 17

Week two materials and activities have been posted.

Collective note for this session:



Orientation session : Sept. 14 Live web cast

The recording of the orientation session is now online:


Collective note for the session:



A note from the TA - Becky Hillyer 


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