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South Asia Workspace

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Kethees Navaratnam

Mahrukh Khan's workspace 

Rabia Naimullah


Case Study Information:                                                                                                                   




Group Member                  










 Jannat Nain 




I will be focusing on the 'India Against Corruption' movement which is an effort to transform an average Indian citizen's approach towards politics and democracy.This movement is an endeavor to sensitize the people against the malice of corruption.

Citizen participation:
  • People share various day to day instances of corruption as well as discuss ongoing corruption cases through social media.
  • Communication not only triggers new 'real' protests against dirty politics but also gives impetus to ongoing issues and activities regarding the same.
  • A series of scams such as the '2G spectrum' scam and the 'Karnataka Wakf Board Land' scam have come under the scanner due to widespread public participation of this movement.
  • Money that is retrieved is expected to be spent on development of the nation thereby restoring people's confidence.

The main objective of the movement is restore the people's confidence in benefits of being the citizens of the world's largest democracy. 









 Kethees Navaratnam 




I will be focusing on a recent Indian TV show called Satyamev Jayate.


The TV show incorporates a website which gives the platform for citizen interaction.This is how citizen participation unfolds:

  • People watch the show either on TV, YouTube, Facebook or Twitter.
  • Then people collaborate on the Show's official website and on other digital spaces as well and they share their stories, perspectives, etc.
  • The host of the TV show acts as the ambassador of the people and in other cases, people themselves take action in collaboration


( If you spare your time to watch the first 10 minutes of the video, you will indeed want to watch the rest. Yet, if you want to fast-forward, don't miss these sections - (1.27min- 2min) (5.25min-7.08min) (8.34min-10min)


The show addressed social issues and the lack of government action in addressing such issues in India.The show drew a sea of people through various social media sites and allowed them to discuss and share personal perspectives, experiences and concerns which in turn put enormous pressure on the Indian government to take swift action in addressing such issues without any further delay.

The official website of the show included features like " Ask a Question", " Share your Story", " Share your Solution" which helps collaborate citizens to address issues and work together to force government to take action.

There is much more, so just try to spare your time to watch the full video which indeed speaks volume!



This is the Website which provides digital platform for citizens to address their issues:


This webpage shows all the impacts of the show:
Some examples:
Government action on disabled citizens' needs:
Government action on child abuse:
Government action against child abuse:




 Mahrukh Khan 




I will be focusing on an Agriculture based television program in Bangladesh called Hridoye (pronouned as Ridoy) Mati o Manush (Soil and Men in Heart).

This program in known to be one of the groundbreaking agricultural programs in Bangladesh which was developed by an eminent media personality and Agricultural Development Activist Shykh Seraj.
The aim of this program is to bring together policy makers, the government, UN Agencies, Business Community, donors and most importantly, the marginalized farmers into contact. Economic development and Poverty alleviation is also one of their key aims.

The team, led by Shykh Seraj visits different cities districts in Bangladesh and portrays the situation of farmers through television to concerned persons.
This project has been immensely successful in giving the marginalized farmers the opportunity to voice their concerns and reach out to the National and International Community.

Here is the written version of one of the interviews translated into English:
Interview: 05When these vegetables will change around 3 hands, what will be the price of it, then?Tk. 10-12,Now, tell me...He has sold it at Tk. 3, and I got it at Tk. 12...so how much is the gap between 3 and 12.4 times higher...but there are so many things related with the process.Now you tell me, where did all the money from the middle phase go...?Transportation and driver"s cost is there Sir...So, does it mean that per cabbage transportation cost is Tk. 7?Distant...Expressive Smile.Kawran Bazar is the largest market of produced crops in Bangladesh. The farmer does not even know at what price their product is being sold here.



Here is also a link to the one of the episodes.
Overview and Further Information
Youth Involvement
Farmers' involvement in budget planning:




 Rabia Naimullah 




I will be focusing on the story of Malala Yosufzai, beginning from her diary entries, to the assassination attempt on her.

Introduction: Malala Yousafzai is a young girl from the troubled region of Swat in Pakistan, where Taliban had a stronghold. The Taliban issued a ban on girls' education and started bombing and destroying girls' schools. Hence, Malala and her friends' deprivation from education drove her into writing a diary for BBC Urdu in 2009,when she was an 11 year old. She wrote under an alias to conceal her identity. She, along with her protest against the ban on girls' education, also wrote about the situation under which she and her family, along with other citizens had to live.
She was awarded the National Youth Peace Prize of Pakistan in December 2011 for her activism towards education.
This is the translated version of her diary entries from Urdu to English

Her story, especially after the attack on her just weeks ago, led to the widespread condemnation of Taliban and created awareness of the situation in those troubled areas. The plight of thousands other children in the troubled areas came to light. It was understood that the war was also on the basic rights of all those children.
Twitter and Facebook, the two most commonly used social networking websites in Pakistan, were abuzz. Several protests all over the country were organized through Facebook in condemnation against the attack on Malala.



Her interview with the New York Times:



Her Interview with the BBC:



Her impact:







Comments (19)

Leslie Chan said

at 9:09 am on Oct 13, 2012

Kethees, interesting choice. In what way is the initiative "citizen" or grass-root driven? Thanks.

Ketheesakumaran Navaratnam said

at 12:14 pm on Oct 13, 2012

Thanks Prof. Chan; this project is actually a complex one because it involves so many different things in which one of main things is social digital platform for citizen collaboration.

The TV show is actually a cornerstone for inspiring people to speak up, get engaged and take action. As you could read in the attached links, the TV show is not just aired on TV itself but is it also shared in social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter etc.

To connect to this week readings, the TV show actually created conversation, whereas, these social digital platforms such as Facebook, Twitter and the official website itself has created both conversation and groups which in turn led to "many-to many" collaboration. The TV show also migrated to internet such as Youtube and social media sites as well.

There is a website exclusively designed for achieving the goals of the TV show. The website is the relevant part for the project that I am focusing in the context of "how network-mediated knowledge and awareness creation catalyzes and drives activism and rights claiming" and it also addresses the central question, as you stated in the project instruction, "how does network-mediated knowledge relate to knowledge that is generated through other more conventional channels? ".

The video link that I attached inside the workspace and the panel named " Impact" on the right hand side on the official website, shows how citizens got engaged through social media.

This collaboration has seen its value when the indian government heeded to many of its demands. Some of the articles, as an example, I have attached inside the workspace under "Impacts" proves it.

In short, the well-renowned actor who took the initiative and the millions of fellow citizens who joined in such collaboration through social medias, indicate that this is a citizen-driven initiative.

I am looking for your response. Thanks.

Ketheesakumaran Navaratnam said

at 12:58 pm on Oct 13, 2012

There are many examples of citizen participation on digital social media, shown on the video I attached. If you just fast-forward the video to 16min29sec, you will see a simple example of citizen participation. In that it talks about how people responded their opinion on an issue and how that response yielded positive results from the government. Following that there are other examples of citizen participation talked such as child abuse, disability etc. Please continue to watch! This initiative by an actor is to be commended. Thanks.

rabia said

at 9:40 am on Oct 14, 2012

Thats a good one!

Jannat Nain said

at 4:16 pm on Oct 17, 2012

I watched this show and I have seen real work being done for it when I was back home this summer! It is definitely a great initiative. Good idea Kethees :)

Ketheesakumaran Navaratnam said

at 3:27 am on Oct 21, 2012

I was kind of following your corruption story and Anna Hazare's involvement and his hunger strike to push government to pass stricter laws against corruption; but I didn't know until know there was a social-media dimension to this initiative which is interesting. I know this initiative succeed in mobilizing greater involvement of citizens and there were numerous protests and etc;but ,now, however, it seems like their mobilization subsided.

Ketheesakumaran Navaratnam said

at 7:17 pm on Oct 19, 2012

Thanks Jannat; this initiative is an eye opener for India and I hope this will help at least reform the indian bureaucracy which is an impediment to the growth of such a great nation.

Leslie Chan said

at 8:48 pm on Oct 19, 2012

Good to know that everyone in this group is on board.

Leslie Chan said

at 9:03 am on Oct 21, 2012

Where are Mahrukh and Rabia???

Ketheesakumaran Navaratnam said

at 2:47 pm on Oct 21, 2012

Hi Professor, Mahrukh and Rabia is fully active in our Facebook page; actually, it is Rabia who created the Facebook page; they are still in the process of looking or/and deciding their case studies.

rabia said

at 6:33 pm on Oct 21, 2012

Thanks! :D
Yes, I'm still working on it but dont worry it will be updated as soon as possible.

Jannat Nain said

at 12:05 pm on Oct 21, 2012

Thank you Professor Chan. I'm sure they will be updating shortly.

Jannat Nain said

at 12:05 pm on Oct 21, 2012

You are right Kethees, the movement is a very good initiative but yes due to the elections coming up, some politicians are taking advantage of this, but what i understand is that even if they are taking advantage of the situation in India, the citizens are still gaining end. I strongly believe that this movement is on its path to success and if the objectives of the movement are achieved, India will emerge as one big power run by the most important resource it has which is- people.

Ketheesakumaran Navaratnam said

at 2:51 pm on Oct 21, 2012

Agreed. With the growing IT power, India is poised to become a rising star; but what bothers me is how they conduct their politics.

Jannat Nain said

at 6:25 pm on Oct 21, 2012

It is certainly sad.

Jannat Nain said

at 10:06 pm on Oct 21, 2012

I think we are all set! :) please let me know when we can all meet up after the midterms and get it all together :) also i posted about the format of the report on the facebook page! any takers for that?

Leslie Chan said

at 9:56 am on Oct 23, 2012

Kethees, I think you have done something strange to the page and all the information was lost. I tried to restore it as best I could. Thank goodness for the Page History feature!

Ketheesakumaran Navaratnam said

at 10:23 am on Oct 23, 2012

Hi Prof.,

I was trying to copy and paste my individual wiki space link in our group page here, it worked fine but when I saved and see the page it was blank. I may have made a mistake, but I don't know what happened either.

I have let my members know in the facebook page about this and I have put up a new table here now.

Thanks for the page history suggestion and I have already copied and pasted the page history record in our facebook page ; so we will be able to get back into action amid this hitch.


Jannat Nain said

at 8:38 pm on Oct 23, 2012

I have put in my information in the matrix, Rabia and Mahrukh, please add a link to your individual work spaces :)

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