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Group Project Supplement

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This page provides additional background information that would help you with making decision regarding the choice of case studies and assessing their match with the project stated objectives:

As stated in the Group Project page,

"The key objective of the class project is to examine how emerging information and communication technologies (ICTs), specifically digital social networks, are changing the dynamics of citizen-state relations, and how network-mediated knowledge and awareness creation catalyzes and drives activism and rights claiming."


In the video below, Prof. Bettina von Lieres, a seasoned researcher on citizen engagement in the Global South, provides a succinct overview of what "citizenship" means in the context of changing understanding of development. She also provides a clear explanation of the linkage between citizenship and democracy, and why the notion of citizenship and democracy should be understood as an "ongoing process of struggle and contestation, rather than the adoption of a standard recipe of institutional designs" (Gavanta, 2006, pg.8), such as the common form of democracy based on elected representative.

The question that is of special interest to us is whether technology, such as the many social media tools that emerged in recent time, enable citizenship to claim their rights, provide a new space for their voices, and empower them with local decision making. Of course famous cases associated with the so called Arab Spring, the Green Revolution in Iran are fresh in our mind, but there are many many more seemingly similar events happening around the world, where citizens are mobilizing themselves in order to be heard, and often with the aid of social media. Your task is to identify one such case from the region you selected, engage in comparison with other cases within the region, and consult the existing literature to see if there are relevant theoretical and conceptual frameworks that would help us make sense of what's going on. We will of course be going over some of these literature together, and indeed the review of the literature and some well-known cases will be the focus of Week 4 and Week 5.


Readings, To be expanded

Gaventa, John (2006). Triumph, Deficit, or Contestation? Deepening the "Deepening Democracy" Debate.

IDS Working Paper in conjuction with the Logo Link and the Citizenship DRC.


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